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The Graduate Program in Philology and Portuguese Language

The Graduate Program in Philology and Portuguese Language of the University of São Paulo was created in 1971 and, since then, has been offering master’s and doctoral level courses.

The Program’s main objective is to prepare both researchers seeking scientific development and teachers wishing to work in higher education centers or institutes and universities in specializations tied to Philology and Linguistics. Historically, it has been responsible for the qualification of professionals that work in important Graduate Programs in Languages, Literature and Linguistics all over the country.

The Program’s main research and teaching activities assume the Portuguese language as an object of study, approached under the philological and the linguistic perspectives.

The philological approach encompasses a set of disciplines –  Paleography, Codicology, Material Bibliography, Diplomatics, Textual Criticism, Digital Humanities – oriented towards the study of the production, transmission and edition of written texts in Portuguese.

The linguistic approach is organized in five lines of research, dealing with four areas of concentration: Linguistic Theory and Analysis, Applied Linguistics, Discourse Theory and Historiography. The first area deals with theoretical research and data analysis of Portuguese and contact languages, considering the phonetical, phonological, morphological and syntactic levels in generative, functionalist and cognitivist perspectives. The second area covers research on first and second language teaching, as well as the development of technologies oriented towards linguistic studies.  The third area investigates the processes of textual and discursive constitution under different theoretical perspectives and its corresponding methodology. Finally, the fourth area comprises studies concerning the history of grammatical ideas.  

Six lines of research assemble all researchers of the Program and, in each one of them, professors develop, with their advisees and other colleagues, several research projects.

Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Ieda Maria Alves (iemalves@usp.br) - Mandato: 09.2015-08.2017

Vice-coordinator: Prof. Dr. Paulo Roberto Gonçalves Segundo (paulosegundo@usp.br) - Mandato: 09.2015-08.2017

by Dr. Radut